The open source Loom alternative.

Self-hosted or hosted by us. You are in control of your own data.

How does Snapify work?Get started easily. Share video instantly.
1. Record a video messageRecord a short video of your screen with just a few clicks. No installations required.
2. Share with a linkSimply share a link to your video message. Your recipients can watch it right then and there without the need to create an account or sign in.
3. Get work doneGet feedback, gather opinions, make decisions and more.
Ways to Use SnapifySnapify helps you get your message across quickly and clearly whether you’re sharing an update with your team, documenting a bug, or demoing an app.
EngineeringReview, document, and collaborate across engineering teams using async video.
To improve code reviews
To centralize team knowledge
To collaborate asynchronously
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SupportDiscover a whole new way to delight customers and reach resolutions faster.
To provide visual support
To improve self-serve content
To accelerate team onboarding
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16GBdata served
650videos viewed
260videos created

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